Our Solutions – How Dip Brazing Benefits You

High Production Rates
Depending on their size, several assemblies can be dip brazed at one time. It is not uncommon in dip brazing to braze several hundred joints simultaneously in one assembly. The more complex the assembly, the more advantageous the process becomes in terms of high production rates and economy.

Lower Equipment And Tooling Costs
Assemblies that would normally require expensive casting, machining and tooling can be fabricated from low cost component parts by brazing

More Freedom Of Design
Braze fabrication from stamping, draws, tubing, screw machine parts, as well as machined or sheet metal assemblies make stronger, lighter, more complex assemblies than could be produced by any other method.

Lower Finishing Costs
Finishing costs are low because the as-brazed condition of assemblies is smooth and clean and usually requires no other mechanical finishing.

Enhances Aluminum's Advantages
Aluminum holds many advantages over other metals, such as weight, corrosion resistance, cost per pound, heat, and electrical conductivity, availability, etc. Dip brazing utilizes the versatility, and broadens the scope of unique design and cost savings possible in aluminum fabrication.

Uniform Metal Condition Low Distortion
The nature of the dip brazing provides oxide-free surfaces for complete bonding. Extremely fast and uniform heating of all metal thicknesses make possible dimensional stability exceeding that of welding in machined parts and sheet metal applications.

Heat Treatability
When the heat treatable alloys are used in a dip brazed assembly, normal heat treating procedure may be followed. It is often possible to solution heat treat by quenching from the dip brazing bath, thereby saving a subsequent heat treating operation.